The Vegie Box is an ideal gift for the aspiring, beginner or competent gardener wanting to know more about the organic approach and produce their own nutrient-dense, healthy and flavourful food without any chemicals. Find out more

The Vegie Box kit includes...

26 laminated cards, one for each of the most popular vegetables.

A Handbook containing over 100 pages of comprehensive organic growing advice.

A 5 year Gardener’s Diary for recording and planning activities in the garden.


The diary is now available to be purchased separately. Click here.


"The whole idea here - pine filing box and all - isn't for yet another static how-to book of organic gardening, but something more engaging. Something to not just study but also put directly into practice, muddying it up with your own personal trial and error."

Three Thousand - 5 July 2014

"A play on fresh-food deliveries, Jackie Dargaville's The Vegie Box is a timber case containing not potatoes, carrots and seasonal greens but information on how to grow them."

The Age - 15 February 2014

"The smart pine box contains a set of 26 laminated cards of the most popular vegetables."

The Australian - 22 March 2014

"We love this idea - a box full of everything you need to know about growing your own organic vegetables."

New Idea - 24 February 2014

"..a whole lot of hand holding…." plus "..a fair whack of high-level knowledge that could teach seasoned botanists a thing or two (crop rotation, anyone?) All for the cost of a couple of farmers' market trips."

Women's Health & Fitness - 1 February 2014

"Beautifully illustrated with glorious aspirational photography, The Vegie Box is a perfect gift"

PrimoLife - 15 February 2014

"Careful; it might just turn your thumbs green." - 1 April 2014

"This little pine box would fit in a pantry or on a bookshelf"…"You can keep all your basic vegie growing info and records in one spot"

Organic Gardener - 3 April 2014

"..a great gardening gift idea that is beautifully presented in a pine box."

Canberra Weekly - 14 March 2014

"As an office of fresh produce lovers we were delighted to receive The Vegie Box guide to growing organic vegetables…"

Prevention Magazine Australia - 6 February 2014

"..a new guide to growing your own organic vegetables is sure to have you taking a fresh look at the potential of your backyard."

The Senior - 25 January 2014

"This is my third order for your Vegie Box. I love them!"

Karyn, Gippsland South - 24 June 2014